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Change Order Control Module

Change Order Control Module

by Tony Nasca

NEW Module: We have added Change Order Control Module to The Project System®.


After a project and proposal has been accepted by the client, you can lock down the project so that you can control the additions, subtractions and Edits to a project.


There are two types of change order, Internal and External. External being change orders requested by the client and Internal, items being changes because of obsolete hardware.


Change Orders have three statuses: Pending, Accepted and Canceled.


There are two types of change order numbering methods: Auto numbering and Manual.


The system will allow you to Add Items, Subtract items and Edit text lines.


Once an item has been added via change order you can also delete the item from the change order. If the item is a text or memo line, you can return the line back to the original text if necessary.


After creating the change order, you can view it in the Project Editor and Print the change order for acceptance by the client.


When a change order is accepted by the client, the system will prompt you for a Purchase Order Number and then make permanent the changes to the project. 


Once accepted, the system will record the Fixed Price figure before the change order, the change order amount and the Fixed Price figure after the change order.


If a change Order is accepted, you can list the items that constituted the change order.


If the change order is canceled, the system will return the project back to it's original state.


Finally, you can list all change orders in the project showing the values of the change orders.


There are 5 Enhanced Security Points associated with this module allowing you to control who can create and accept individual change orders.


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