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Room Estimating System

Room / Section Estimating System and Book Mark System

by Tony Nasca

NEW Module: We have added a Room Estimating System to The Project System®.


This module can be used in both the residential and commercial arena.


There are two main functionalities:  Room or Section Mode and Book Mark / Go To Mode.


The system lets you establish a default set of Room Identifiers and then you can select the appropriate room ID's for a project.  You do not have use any of the default identifiers.


Room / Section Mode:


The system will require you to first select a room and then all subsequent additions to the project will automatically be in that room until you change the room.


You can not have two of the same rooms in a single project.


When you're first starting a room, there is a quick start room button that will add the Room Description and make the room print in Bold.


After you create multiple rooms, you can use the Go To Button to jump to a specific room anywhere in the project.


When the room is complete you can use the Print Project System to print any of the reports including Work Sheet, Proposal and Equipment List for a single room.


Go To / Book Mark Mode:


This is a less restrictive mode to the Room Mode System.


Similar to Room Mode, you can setup a set of Room or Section Identifiers.


Along the way, you can identify a section of a Project by Room ID.


Next, you can use the Room Go To button to jump to any section in the project by Room ID.  This is very powerful when the project is very large and you need to move quickly to a particular section of the project.


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