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Dove Net Announces Serial Number Tracking

Enhanced Serial Number Tracking and Inventory Tracking

by Tony Nasca

For those of you who did not know that The Project System had Serial Number Tracking, here is a list of features on the original version of Serial Number Tracking:


a. Capture Serial Numbers on Packing Lists with Re-Print of Packing List /w SNs.

b. The system learns on-the-fly which items require capturing Serial Numbers or not.

c. You can set the default for each Manufacturer as to whether items require capture of SNs.

d. Optional Printing of Serial Numbers on Invoices.

e. Search of Serial Numbers as to when Shipped.


Features of the Enhanced Serial Number Tracking System.


a. Capture of Serial Numbers on Receive PO Screen with auto assignment of items to the project ordering them.


b. Auto Print of a 2 Part, Receiver Barcode Label (4" x 3") containing the Project #, Company Name, Description and Receiver ID.

     1. The First Label stays on the original carton for Project Identification purposes.

     2. The second label is detachable so that if the item is slated for Rack Fabrication, you can attach this label to a Rack Build Sheet to be used later when creating Packing Lists.


c. Easy Creation of Packing Lists using the Receiver ID Label on Rack Build Sheet.


d. Easy Look Up of the item by Receiver ID.


e. Easy Move items between the Warehouse and Fabrication/Shop.


f. Easy Transfer of the item between Projects using the Receiver ID.


g. Easy Look up of Item Location within a Project.


h. Re-Print of Label using Receiver ID.


i. New Store UPC Barcodes. Scan inventory with UPC codes including Quantities.


j. New Using UPC Barcodes eliminates the need to print Labels per device.


k. New Scan items to Project to seed Project Editor with Quantities.


L. New Scan items to Project and seed Job Cost for Misc. Items, Cables, etc.



                                                  List Price   

Lev 1 Serial Number Tracking Demo                 $1,495.00 (Packing List w/Serial Numbers)

Lev 2 Enhanced Serial Number Tracking Demo  $2,495.00 (Lev1+ Receive Labels, Inventory Count,+)

Additional Offices                                      $795.00      


Barcode Scanner Wireless w/Keyboard  $1,395.00 


Label Printer 500/role:     $795.00  Labels     $795 Ribbon $290

Label Printer 1000/role: $1,395.00  Labels  $1,295 Ribbon $290


CALL Dove Net for Pricing on a complete system including Software, Barcode Scanners, Printers, Labels Ribbons, Installation and Training. 800-355-8302


Sample Receive ID Label

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