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The UPS WorldShip Connection

The Project System® is now integrated with UPS WorldShip®

by Tony Nasca


Dove Net and The Project System's goal is to help your company run at maximum efficiency in every aspect.  Estimating, Proposals, Inventory and Purchasing through Billing.


Now Dove Net adds one more capability to the 36 modules all designed to save your company time, reduce errors and streamline activities ... Announcing: Integration with UPS WorldShip.

When doing Packing Lists within our system, you will send shipping information directly to WorldShip, obtain a UPS Tracking #s and shipping Costs and apply that information back to our Packing Lists.


The Project System to UPS WorldShip Connection, let's you:


1. Send Shipping Address information including Verified Zip Code Data.

2. Select Service Types including: Ground, Next Day, 2 Day Service, etc.

3. Select special options such as: Saturday Delivery and Pickup, Residential, etc.

4. Declare Values and COD Amount.

5. Select Confirmation of Delivery.

6. Select Delivery Notification by Email.

7. Handles Multiple Cartons.


UPS, WorldShip returns to The Project System the UPS Tracking #s and Shipping Costs which can be applied to our Job Cost System.



1. Reducing Errors from Retyping.

2. Saving Time Creating Labels.

3. Proactive Customer Service with Electronic Shipment Information.

4. Tracking #s are automatically captured on Packing Lists.

5. Shipping Costs can be automatically captured to the Sales Order.

6. Save Time and Money.


For a demonstration of the integration, press here. (No Audio Install Java 6-17)


Let Dove Net know if you are interested in integration with other Carriers such as FedEx.


Current Release: US Domestic. Option: Canada/International UPS WorldShip®


Pricing on The UPS WorldShip Connection, Contact Dove Net Sales 800-355-8302

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